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Our restaurant

An experience to enjoy and share

Distinguished by the panoramic terrace overlooking the sea, in a setting between the green of the mountain and the blue of the sea, it welcomes guests in a unique and exclusive environment. A gourmet experience in a typically Mediterranean atmosphere with an attentive, considerate dining room service

The region

Its great local tradition is recalled in the dishes served at the table and interpreted with passion by our chef Fumiko Sakai. The sea around the coast provides most of the fish, as well as the other products that come from the vegetable gardens and farms on the surrounding hills.

The menù

Characterised by a cuisine based on tradition and research, we offer dishes that interpret the region and also great classics of traditional cuisine. Our visitors can choose between the a la carte menu or special journeys designed by the Chef.

The wine cellar

Our carefully selected cellar contains Campania, national and international wines, as well as various champagnes, whiskey, rum and other spirits. Our Sommelier will be at your disposal to help you choose the right wines to pair with your meal.


Dishes that are beautiful to see and taste, which vary every month depending on the seasonality of the ingredients

Info and reservations

Tel. 081 19840029
Email: ristorante@ilbikini.com