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The Beach Club

The unparalleled lightness of a relaxing day

Located at the centre of a splendid inlet on the Sorrento coast, the beach club offers a wealth of services, and a range of comforts designed to provide guests with moments of intense relaxation and enjoyable entertainment.

The beach

Composed of sand and fine gravel, it overlooks a mirror of clean, transparent water.  The tranquility of the place is guaranteed by a selected environment, in which we operate with discretion and respect for privacy.

La spiaggia de Il Bikini
Il solarium de Il Bikini

The sun terrace

Positioned at the extreme tip of the bay, it opens onto the cliff. Characterised by a young and relaxed atmosphere, it is ideal for sunbathing and enjoying the services of the Beach Club.

Price List

We offer different solutions both for daily admissions and for memberships.
Our offer features spots on the beach with a parasol or on the sun terrace with a sunbed.

Rates for June and July

Location Type Working days Holiday days
Beach Two sun beds + umbrella 40 € 50 €
Sun terrace Sun bed 15 € 20 €
Reduced for kids* Without sun bed 5 € 7 €
Reduced for kids* With sun bed 10 € 15 €
*from 12yo to 16yo
Reservations are accepted for weekends and holidays within 48 hours of the requested day

Season tickets for the cabin

Valid for 4 people with 2 sunbeds and an umbrella
Days Line Price
2 weeks 2nd/3rd line 800 €
1 month 2nd/3rd line 1.500 €
2 months 2nd/3rd line 2.500 €
All Summer 1st line 4.000 €
All Summer 2nd/3rd line 3.500 €

Season tickets for the beach

Valid for 2 people with 2 sunbeds and an umbrella
Days Line Price
1 week 1st line 450 €
1 week 3rd/4th line 300 €
2 weeks 1st line 900 €
2 weeks 3rd/4th line 600 €

Season tickets for the sun terrace

Valid for one person only on weekdays
Days Price
10 days 130 €
20 days 240 €
Info and reservations

Tel. 392 02 17 543
Email: mare@ilbikini.com