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Our past

Synonymous with excellence since 1952

It was the 1950s and the Scarselli family discovered by chance a small beach on the outskirts of Sorrento. A lucky intuition resulted in one of the most popular bathing establishments of the peninsula being established, one recognised by most for the two exotic palms on a rock in the middle of the sea. Over the years, thanks to a dynamic family tradition, the Bikini has been characterised by an innate vocation for hospitality and the ancient taste of feeling good together.

Today like yesterday

From a small establishment to a place that is unique in the world

Today the Bikini offers a complete package of sea, taste and relaxation. In addition to the historic Beach Club, equipped with every service and comfort, it offers refined gourmet dining and an evocative event area. The style, linked to its origins, makes it unique, and retains the vaguely retro elegance and refinement of the 1950s

Info and contacts

Tel. 081 801 55 55
Email: info@ilbikini.com