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The Bikini is a place where natural harmony, good food and attention to detail merge. Absolute essentials for the success of every event. With professionalism we offer different solutions according to the needs of our guests.

Small and large receptions

Our premises offer ample spaces able to accommodate different types of events and anniversaries. From gourmet dinners organised on the restaurant’s panoramic terrace, to gala dinners and exclusive and personalised evening parties by the sea.

Beach Party

Organised during the day at the Beach Club area, they combine the relaxation of a day at the beach with the experience of a pleasant brunch and a fresh cocktail. A private area where you can have fun, dance, enjoy and celebrate an important event.


Every event has a different style and setting. Elegant and sophisticated both by day and at night.

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Tel. 081 801 5555
Email: eventi@ilbikini.com