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Past and present

Hospitality that has become history

For over 60 years the Bikini has been recognised as one of the most evocative places on the Sorrento Peninsula, a pristine bay where the harmony of nature is still respected. A story, ours, built in the canons of tradition and hospitality.

The sea

The enchanting natural setting

Fine gravel and clear sea, cured wood and large green plants are the background of the entire Beach Club, where you can immerse yourself for a pleasant, relaxing day.

Beach Club

The Wedding

A distinguished style

Minimalist, elegant and surrounded by the sea and at the same time characterised by unique and refined details. This is the wedding, which we love to organise with care and attention.

The restaurant

The tradition you are looking for

On a bay of unmistakable beauty, it invites its guests to enjoy a passionate experience between love for the land and the constant search for new memories.

The flavors

The taste of an experience


The being together that makes you happy

The seascape by night or day invites you to celebrate and have fun. Dine, dance or simply chat, while enjoying unforgettable moments.

Eventi de Il Bikini

Il Bikini News

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