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We marry the sea with the sunset

The panoramic terraces and the beach are the ideal place to celebrate your wedding by the sea. In a natural harmonious setting with a Mediterranean atmosphere, they combine elegance and minimalism, ensuring an exciting and evocative event.


We personalise every detail of the event with care and passion, depending on whether the spouses prefer a classic reception, a beach wedding party or a symbolic ritual at sunset. The 1950s style of Bikini, the strong natural elements and the view of the bay, make it unique of its kind.


Our kitchen and dining room service take care of the wedding menus with the same attention we devote to fine dining, giving preference to the seasonality of the raw materials and creating fun combinations. We lavish the same care on the wine cellar and bar service, guaranteeing the quality of our selection of wines and drinks


Whether you are having a party or a refined dinner, the atmosphere by the sea will be unforgettable.

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