The way we were

Those were the years 50 and Scarselli family discovered by chance a small beach just outside Sorrento.
From an inspired idea arose one of the beach club most upset and popular of the Sorrento coast,recognized by everybody for the two palms positioned on a small rock in the sea. Over the years, thanks to a dynamic family tradition, Il Bikini was marked by a deep sense of hospitality and the ancient taste of being good together.

From a small beach club to a unique place in the world

Today Il Bikini presents a full range of relax and fun that starts in the morning and can go well into the night. It offers to customers a beach equipped with all necessary facilities, a gourmet restaurant with terrace overlooking the sea, and its outdoor spaces, set in a peerless scenario, they are an unrivaled location for events and weddings.


Il tuo tempo in ogni senso.

Il Bikini S.S. Sorrentina 145 KM 13.900
80069 Vico Equense (NA)
phone.0039 081 8015555 email. info@ilbikini.com
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